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Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Sugar Mountain allows you to take care of your family with confidence.

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CBD Lotion, CBD Massage Oils and CBD Soaps.

The 1250mg & 5000mg CBD Lotions are a HIT!!!!!!

Don't get us started on the 15,000mg CBD Rapid Relief Lotion.

Our 1000mg per ounce Massage Oil is bringing relief to everyone it touches.

The 1000mg CBD soap bars are Revitializing to say the least and boy does it help with a good night sleep.

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Testimonials (pull left and right for more)

Cuts the grease right off my hands after working on the car! This Big Ol' Manly Bar rocks. And my wife love the smell of it also. Always a plus.

Shawn C.

Great products. You won’t be disappointed! I have subscription for my soap to be mailed monthly. Yep that means i wont forget to order and run out EVER AGAIN! And I can gift them to friends if I want. What a great company.

Janie J.

I had my first chance to meet Lisa from Sugar Mountain Trading Saturday. She was super sweet and got right to the heart of the problem with my dry skin. She was fun friendly and knowledgeable. The products smell amazing and I can already tell a difference in my skin it is not as dry and much softer. 

Alexa Sterling

After talking with the man that makes the soap at sugar mountain last weekend, I felt comfortable enough to try it. I am sure glad I did. This Oatmeal & Honey is truly amazing and cleared up my issues. The CBD Lotion and soap has changed my 72yo mothers life!

C. Davis

My husbands skin is clearing up which is saying something with all the harsh detergents he has to use at work. He actually hums "Big ol' Manly Bar is my bar now," then growls like a bear.  I LOVE IT!

Angie McCall

I started using the 5000 CBD lotion last week and can say this is the first time in 10 years I have been pain free.

Billie P.

alright, I got a few bars gifted to me and first off, my wife absolutely loved them, the big ol manly bar is the best feeling, smelling, and working soap i've used and lord knows i needed some good soap, lol. I would definitely recommend them and I will be getting them for Christmas gifts!

Ryan C.

Wonderful company, great ingredients and what a transformation with my son’s skin!! This is a game changer! Would highly recommend this soap to Anyone!! Do your skin a favor and get some!

Katrinka P.

I'm freaking out about this CBD lotion. The 15000mg is life changing. I program all day and before work I put a little on my wrists and hands. Pain free ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney H.

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