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Do You Know what's in your commercial soap?

Look, liquid soaps are certainly a popular choice in the modern world, thanks mostly to the fact that they are easily dispensed. But disturbing evidence finds that liquid soap may be far less environmentally friendly than previously imagined, especially compared to regular lye soap.

Did you know that people need about 0.35 grams of bar soap to wash their hands compared to more than 2.3 grams of liquid soap, implying that, on a functional basis, people need MANY more times the amount of liquid soap to achieve the same cleaning effect.

Lye soap usually contains just two ingredients: a source of fat, and water, both of which are harmless to your body. But all commercially-available soaps include additional compounds, which may be dangerous. Take sodium lauryl sulphate, for example. Commercial soap makers include SLS in their products as a lathering agent to help give people the impression that they are giving their bodies an exceptional clean. But new evidence suggests that this compound can bind with others in soap to create dangerous nitrosamines which have been linked to cancer. SLS is also implicated in allergic reactions, like eczema, and more generalised skin irritation.

Triclosan is another freaking problem chemical. Research shows that triclosan can impair hormone function, especially of the thyroid. I can go on all day about this one.

BUT hold on a second! There is another one called Urea in commercial bars of soap. Manufacturers love urea because it helps soap retain its moisture content, even after multiple uses, extending its shelf life. But urea has a dark secret: the fact that it can chemically transform into the much more dangerous chemical, formaldehyde. Yeah flipping formaldehyde!!! A study published in 2010 described formaldehyde as a known “human carcinogen,” meaning that scientists are now pretty confident that exposure to the chemical can lead to cancer. And this is what they want you to put on your skin. Put on your childs skin!

I mean come on it does not take a rocket scientist to see that these people do not care about you or your well being… just your wallet and THEIR bottom-line.

Unlike many commercial varieties of soap, lye soap does not contain any harmful additives, and it retains a high glycerine content, helping to keep the skin soft and supple. So set aside chemical-laden, commercially-produced soap and return to more natural, wholesome varieties that don’t contain potentially dangerous substances. Listen we are downtown Mount Vernon, 40 Church St. Take a minute and drop by.

Stay Sudys My Friends

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