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I’m going to vent a little here. No one on this Earth is mistake free. That’s a simple truth. No one, and I mean No one it seems, wants to admit they MIGHT be wrong. Most people now-a-days will dig in their heels and insist they're right even when all the evidence suggests otherwise. No matter what you say. No matter what you show them. The simple fact that you might be right and they could be wrong makes honest discussion a non-starter. I am confronted by this almost daily. IT IS MADDENING to have people use our soaps, clear up their problems, then run right back to the big box stores and buy the mass produced chemical detergents that caused their issues in the first place.

For example, I had a conversation with a man a couple months back and he told me that he had psoriasis his entire life and there is nothing that could be done about it. I asked what soap he used. He informed me that he had used the same soap since childhood. We talked and he bought a bar of our Oatmeal Honey. A month later I saw him at a restaurant and he told me excitedly that the soap worked. Showed me his arms and was pleased. Fast Forward… I saw him just the other day and another month had passed, and his psoriasis was coming back. I asked what soap was he using now and he said the same he has been using since childhood. He was upset and I asked him what he had expected to happen once he went back to using his old soap. He put his foot down and insisted it was not the soap. My reply was, “Let me get this straight. Out of 30 some odd years, the only month you can remember being WITHOUT psoriasis is when you were using MY soap… Yeah I would have to say you are right and I am wrong.”

You see most psychologists say that people who consistently refuse to admit they're wrong do so because they have fragile egos. They clam up and insist they're right, demonstrating a "psychological rigidity", as a defense mechanism. Basically they feel that if they dig in their heels, they can protect themselves from the consequences that might come from being seen as weak or not knowledgeable on a topic. People go to extraordinary lengths doing this, even changing facts and convincing themselves of new realities in their own minds to escape simple truths.

Looking back one of the best things I taught my son in life, was to know when you DON’T know something. Don’t pretend you do. Admitting you are un-knowledgeable or even wrong in something means that you are open to learning and changing yourself. In my book that is a great thing! But it is work and can be difficult to do. Unfortunately some people would rather hunker down in their comfort zones instead of putting in this extra effort making themselves better for it. But this was just a little food for thought.

Stay open to the truth and… Stay Suddys My Friends.

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