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How our CBD Lotions are made.


HOW'S IT MADE? We start with Water from springs in Climax Ky add Natural Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Jojoba,  a dash of Natural Cetearyl Alcohol, some Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. Toss in a little Vitamin C and E with some Citric acid rounded off with a touch of tender sugar mountain love as we infuse CBD in it and Waa-Laa. We have some real bang-up lotion that you are going to love. Super moisturizing and deeply hydrating. Your skin will love you for it! And this lotion WILL NOT leave a greasy or oily feeling afterward due to our proprietary "Lifting Method."

You didn't expect the actual recipe and method... OH NO that's a super-secret that Sugar herself guards.

DOES IT WORK? Yes. Our lotions have proven to really penetrate your skin and help heal it. Just read the reviews left by our patrons. Now add CBD to it and you have the perfect vehicle to deeply penetrate your skin.


CAN YOU TEST POSITIVE FOR THC? NO. There is absolutely NO THC in the CBD Isolate we use. So there is no possibility that our lotion can create a positive in any THC drug test.

Now lets talk about WHY you are reading this. Chances are you have some pain or discomfort and are looking for some kind of alternative to pain killers. OK... what is the level you need to ask.

- Is it just some stiffness and general everyday issue. An issue we all of a certain age have to deal with? If so stick with the 1250mg. Yes it is half the price but that's all you will need more than likely. And we here at Sugar mountain are not trying to OVER SELL you just to make a buck.

- Now if it is something that is a OMG MY HANDS HURT... or a WTF is going on with my shoulders, neck or hip... Then you need to try the 5000mg for 'spot treatments'.

- If you have a level of pain that you can't even begin to describe then you need to buy the 15,000mg.

Now any of these lotions in conjunction with our CBD soaps helps a lot. If you have a partner or friend that is willing to give you a massage, then we highly recommend that that.

Potency per squirt. The 1250mg is about 12mg per squirt. The 5000mg is about 50mg per squirt and the 15,000mg is about 150mg per squirt.

We all have our own take on CBD, based upon our own level of education in the matter. Unfortunately, the majority of our nation is about the most UN-educated group in the world when it comes to CBD. A lot of their experience has been bad due to the fact that the majority of CBD companies are scams. They promote their 2 to 3mg per dose product like its actually going to do anything. Which it won't. They add in their spearmint, menthol or even flipping hot sauce to make their product have THAT BITE. So, who can blame people giving up and going back to their doctors proscribed addictive drugs. When you're in pain you'll try anything. Just remember there are some legitimate CBD companies out there that actually care, and Sugar Mountain is one of them.

Stay Sudys My Friends

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