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Jump Start Skin Recovery

Well winter is here and those of you suffering from eczema know how painful that can be. Dry skin, itchy patches, redness and unpredictable activators, make living with eczema difficult to say the least. However, if you take the time to figure out what aggravates it, you can build a routine that can help you calm your skin and relieve the pain year around.


People always ask why does eczema get worse in winter? Cold dry air mixed with the heating systems at our homes can potentially dry out our skin. This causes the Eczema to flare up or worsen aggressively in such weather conditions because our skin isn't moist enough. Flare-ups can also occur due to wearing too many layers of clothing, taking showers that are too hot, not taking adequate care of yourself, and did I mention your skin not being moist enough.


If you are wondering if you can cure your eczema the answer will be based on if are you willing to maintain a good skincare routine throughout the ENTIRE year. You see, if you are just trying to treat flare ups and go on the rest of the time as nothing is wrong, you will fail. It is as simple as that. If you are willing to stop what you are currently doing (it is obviously not working to good because you are still having flare ups) and start understanding and treating the underlying problem, you will find yourself on the road to recovery in short order. So get your head out of the sand and admit for a moment you might be wrong. No one wants to admit when they are wrong, that's human nature, but you can’t start to solve the problem until you do.


There are two things you should really try to help on this journey. Try changing your shower routine. Avoid taking hot showers because they strip off the natural oil and moisture from your skin. Using lukewarm water will help you retain moisture. Avoid scrubbing your skin with harsh fibers or using products with harsh chemicals as they can deteriorate your skin health. Pat your skin dry using a towel instead of rubbing it against your body. And for the love of everything holy use an all natural bar soap instead of that chemical liquid soap you pour into that over sized loofah that literally tears at your skin. Why in the world anyone thinks that's is good for you is nuts. If you ask me… Take a warm oatmeal bath once and a while. I am of the mind set that this world would be a better place if people learned how to relax a little every now and again. And a warm bath will help keep you hydrated.



Second, keeping your skin well-moisturized is one of the BEST ways to prevent itching, irritation, and other mild eczema symptoms. Moisturizing your skin adequately is important even if you do not feel any itching, irritation, or an eczema flare up. Apply a hydrating moisturizer right after your shower to help lock in the moisture is essential. Keep moisturizer handy to apply throughout the day to soothe your hands, legs and your body. I would recommend the lotions we sell in our shop, it is some of the best you will find anywhere, in my opinion. But regardless of which lotion you choose, make sure its all natural and not the chemical based junk that drys you out over time, that’s very counter productive.


Try these two things and start paying attention to what triggers your flare ups and you will find yourself on a road to recovery quickly.


Stay Suddys my friends!



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