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Regular Soap vs. Antibacterial Soap

Someone asked me the other day to explain why my soap is just as effective as the antibacterial soap they use at home now. So I tried, and they looked at me as if I sprouted another head and started speaking in Pig Latin.

So... I figured that I would write up a little article to better explain myself.

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, everyone is reconsidering their everyday cleaning habits. Leaving all the COVID-19 controversy aside, this reconsideration is a good thing. People need to start realizing 'Truths', not 'wishful thinking truths', but actual scientific cold hard facts. It’s tempting to grab the strongest possible cleaning product available and use it. But your cleaning skin not your countertop, and all those added chemicals in that antibacterial soap... well lets just say they aren't that good for you.

The truth is, antibacterial soap is not any more beneficial at destroying any virus, including COVID-19, than regular hand soap. Antibacterial soap contains extra chemicals designed to kill or inhibit the replication of bacteria which sounds good and leads to really good sales for that soap company. But it turns out that all those chemicals don’t actually provide any extra power when it comes to fighting viruses.

Lets put your thinking cap on and look at this logically, with a little bit of common sense. Antibacterial soap fights BACTERIA, that why they call it Antibacterial. Do you want to guess why they call the Coronavirus the Coronavirus? Because its a VIRUS.

Quick recap thus far... Antibacterial soaps target... bacteria, and coronavirus is a virus. Just use soap and water because antibacterial soap isn’t any more beneficial than regular soap. I mean heck don't take my word for it the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to find any evidence that antibacterial soaps are more effective than any other type of soap.

Until then my wonderful Sugar Mountain Family, I wish you well and pray that God keeps you and your family safe from harm.




  • Scott. You and a great spokesman for everything concerning your soap products. I am so happy with your soaps. I use them daily. Now I need to incorporate them into just hand washing and quit using the antibacterial soap. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Working on getting my husband converted but he’s a little set in his ways! 😊🙃

    Sharon Horadam
  • Had not really thought about it, but it makes perfect since. Its funny how we just assume things. Thanks for the heads up!

    S. Brown

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