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Should you care about the soap you choose?

The simple reply is YES. Soap is used to describe all manner of skin cleansers; solid bars, liquids, even powders. Within each of these categories there are various colors, scents, shapes and claims surrounding them. Some deodorize others are antimicrobial, anti-aging, moisturizing... so on and so forth. Soap is something that almost every person on the face of this planet uses, several times a day in most cases, and is one of the primary tools in preventing transmission of bacterial and viral diseases. But not all soaps are equal and not every soap is good for your skin.

As I explained in a past article there are two basic types of soaps: Natural and Commercial Detergents.

Commercial Detergents are usually considerably cheaper than handmade soaps, and there is a good reason for this. They make a product with cheap ingredients, cheap labor, cheap packaging and sell it to you as cheap as possible. But it’s still JUNK. Cheap junk. But junk none the less. It’s like taking an old Pinto (Detergents) and putting it against a brand new Corvette (Natural) and expecting the Pinto to win. It just doesn’t work that way. Plus this commercial junk is creating a host of other issues for your body. But Wait!!! They will sell you cheap products that they make, to help you with those issues as well!

Think about this a moment, no matter how much these big companies tout their soap and all the great oils in them, the chemical composition of essential oils cannot be recreated in a laboratory. When natural products are replaced with synthetic versions of them, the therapeutic aspects are lost. It is as simple as that. The natural essential oils used in hand crafted soaps helps improve your mind, body and spirit. These essential oils help alleviate and improve your overall skin condition and combined with the glycerin will improve your skins overall texture instead of irritating it.

When companies mass-produce soap and beauty bars, however, the glycerin is extracted from the bars for two reasons. First, it improves the shelf life of the soap, so it can sit in a warehouse or on a shelf for years before use. The second is that the extracted glycerin is used to produce moisturizing products that they sell you also. Why not leave it in the soap in the first place, and save us from having to buy an additional product? Why dry out the skin just have you buy something to put it right again? Because it’s all about the Benjamin's for them.

Our philosophy is to keep the natural oils and glycerin in the soap, not to damage the skin in the first place, and to keep our soap products fresher. The soap may cost a bit more, but it is still less than a mass-commercial bar of soap plus a moisturizer you will need after using them. And ours LAST SO MUCH LONGER!!!

Please consider to at least try a natural soap this coming year. It doesn’t have to be Sugar Mountains’. Two things will happen. Your skin is gonna love you for it, and you will be supporting someone local instead of a big company that could care less about you or your skin.

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  • We love the honey oatmeal soap. My daughter developed acne. Since using this soap we have seen improvement in her skin.

    Reba Smalley
  • We love the honey oatmeal soap. My daughter developed acne. Since using this soap we have seen improvement in her skin.

    Reba Smalley
  • I really enjoy your posts. They are direct and make sense. Thank you. Oh and I really like your soap by the way also. I’ll be by the shop in a few weeks to get some more. look forward to talking to you again.

    Christi B.

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