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  • Massage and Psoriasis

    If you have psoriasis, you might notice that your symptoms get worse when you’re feeling stressed. Stress is a common psoriasis trigger. It can also negatively affect your mental and physical health in other ways. That’s why taking steps to limit stress is important. Massage therapy is...
  • Jump Start Skin Recovery

    If you are wondering if you can cure your eczema the answer will be based on if are you willing to maintain a good skincare routine throughout the ENTIRE year. You see, if you are just trying to treat flare ups and go on the rest of the time as nothing is wrong, you will fail.
  • Regular Soap vs. Antibacterial Soap

    Someone asked me the other day to explain why my soap is just as effective as the antibacterial soap they use at home now. So I tried, and they loo...
  • A few helpful tips about viruses.

    Frankly you should of listened to your momma...  WASH THOSE HANDS!!!  I mean seriously think about how awesome that advise is. The older I get...