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Some Benefits of CBD Lotion

     CBD is becoming more popular each passing year. It comes in many forms, making it versatile and convenient for many people and has a wide range of health benefits.
     CBD directly effects your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining your body’s “stability”. That might not sound like much but the “stability” our bodies need is rarely around an exact point. A great example would be our body temperature of 98.6 °F. This is not caused by some super cool thermometer inside your body. This is a continuous changing balancing act consisting of a wide variety of values in our body. Your body takes these values and adjusts accordingly, resulting in relatively uniform conditions, i.e. the 98.6 °F.
     Lets get to the topic at hand, CBD Lotions. In the past few years bad skin conditions have become rampant. To fight off these conditions, people are looking for more natural ways to promote healthier skin. Hence CBD. Due to its effectiveness and ability to enhance skin conditions, not to mention that it only has few to no side effects, products like CBD lotion have become by and far the most popular products that people use.
     Unlike other forms of CBD, CBD lotions aren’t ingested, but rather applied to the external parts of your body, face, and any affected area of your skin. But that doesn’t mean that their effectiveness has lessened. Each CBD form comes with different consumption methods, different dosages, and different target areas in which it takes effect. CBD lotion focuses more on promoting healthy skin and alleviate skin conditions.
     Here are the seven benefits of using CBD lotion when used as part of your daily skincare regimen.

1. Reduces Inflammation of Skin Issues.
     Skin issues that have affected millions of people are Psoriasis and Eczema.

  • Psoriasis is an inflammatory and autoimmune skin condition in which your skin cells have an abnormal and rapid growth, causing your skin to have red, painful, and scaly patches.

  • Eczema is another skin condition in which a person suffers pain and itchiness brought by allergens from the air and other substances. Your skin will feel so itchy that you’d almost feel like you’re burning. Dealing with this skin condition for a long time may also have an emotional effect on you since its unbearable itchiness can cause frustration and temper loss.

     CBD lotion isn’t meant to cure Eczema or Psoriasis, but it’s a VERY useful product to help soothe the pain and itchiness while, at the same time, adding moisture to your skin, preventing further allergic reaction from the air and other substance.

2. Alleviates Discomfort Brought by Arthritis.
     To start, arthritis is a condition that doesn’t only affect adults or older people. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of disability that has affected many people regardless of age. One of the significant causes of arthritis is the inflammation of your joints, which can be very painful, especially during intense movements.
     To ease the pain, you can directly apply CBD lotion to the affected muscle area or skin and massage it. CBD will quickly penetrate through the pores of your skin and help alleviate the pain caused by arthritis. CBD lotion isn’t meant to entirely cure arthritis, but it’s beneficial in supporting the joint and mobility issues you’re experiencing.

3. Reduces Muscle and Joint Pain
     Sometimes, you may experience muscle and joint pain not only due to arthritis but because of your work or intense physical exercises. This is because standing or doing intense activities for long periods can cause muscle and joint pains at the end of the day.
     To alleviate body and muscle pain, massage the painful areas with CBD lotion. Doing this regularly can help improve your muscle function and decrease your chances of experiencing muscle pain despite your daily duties.

4. Serves as An Anti-aging and Prevents Wrinkles.
     When you have dry skin, wrinkles, and your fine lines are easily visible, especially if you’ve had too much exposure to the sun for the past years, using CBD lotion helps regulate your skin’s oil production, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. CBD lotion will serve as a moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying. Aside from that, it also contains nutrients and vitamins that are good for your skin’s health. This will help make sure that your skin stays glowing, young, and healthy.

5. Relieves Acne Problems.
     One of the most frequent skin conditions that almost everyone has been through is acne. Whether you’re in your teenage years or an adult, acne issues can happen anytime. That’s why many people look out for various skin products in hopes of alleviating their acne problems. CBD lotion is rich in fatty acids that are essential to keep your skin moisturized. Furthermore, unlike other moisturizers, CBD oil has the capacity to go deeper into your pores helping normalize your skin and get rid of inflammation brought by acne’s swelling and redness.

6. Helps Ease Rashes and Burns.
     You may be suffering from allergies to a particular food that results in skin rashes. You may also be suffering from burns due to too much sun exposure. To soothe these, you can generously apply CBD lotion and cream to the affected skin area. Due to the cool moisturizing effects of CBD, it’s been known to be an efficient natural emollient.

7. Balances Skin Complexion.
     As mentioned earlier, CBD contains various health benefits for your body’s endocannabinoid system. Some of those benefits include maintaining the hydration of your skin and making sure that no excess oil is produced. The lesser oil, the fewer your patchy spots will be and the more balanced your skin complexion will be. It also helps maintain your skin’s smoothness and prevents your skin from experiencing dryness and itchiness even when exposed to the sun all day.


     Look, research is still ongoing and will be for decades to come. CBD is one of mother natures super weapons for the betterment of human health. It has been growing in notoriety and acceptance for years because it has helped so many people deal with their health and other inflammatory conditions. We here at Sugar Mountain use CBD Isolate when creating our CBD lines. This is CBD in its purest form and no chance of THC or any other byproduct of the hemp plant in our CBD products.

     Do me a favor... Don't just dismiss out of hand. Do your own research. Educate yourself. Keep an open mind. To do anything else if frankly just foolish on your part. Stay Sudys My Friends!

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