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Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

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Our Dog Shampoo is ideal for any K-9 with skin issues. This all natural lye based shampoo is in liquid form. Made with Coconut & Olive oil, liquid Shea, milk and honey. Then loaded with vitamin E, D and Almond oil. Makes this shampoo special. It is designed to help nourish the animals skin promoting its own natural healing process.

Most dogs diets are not what nature intended, by any stretch of the imagination, and the skin is lacking the required nutrients needed to heal. Our shampoo helps bring the skin back into its proper PH balance allowing time for the skin to absorb the honey and vitamins thus promoting healing.

For now it comes in a 8oz bottle. If the product takes off and demand grows, then we can streamline the process and produce it in larger quantities thus being able to sell a larger bottle for less. But for now we are only offering this online and as supplies last. I know that $10 a bottle seems like a lot but it is marked up only 30% over our actual cost to make the product and you need to take in account we are always running discounts.



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