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About Us

Nice to meet you!

     We are a down to earth online retailer located near Berea, KY. Our primary goal is to deliver the best product for the best price. What We Value... Is You. We are passionate about doing our part to make your life better. We provide high-quality merchandise at a great value, and try our best to deliver exceptional customer service.

     We actively go out to fairs and festivals to meet new people and gather first hand our customers responses. This is our business model, because we know that if you love our product then you will tell your friends and family.

A little back story...

      Having stumbled across a bar of oatmeal soap during a weekend getaway, I noticed my skin was a lot less dry and itchy. I know that doesn't sound like much, but when your a diabetic that also has eczema, it is a big deal. So after buying the last bar in the gift shop we headed homeward. A few weeks later the bar was getting smaller so I called the company only to find out they were sold out and did not expect a new supply for a couple months. I searched around only to find out that everyone was sold out. Being a diabetic myself, and a problem solver by trade, I decided to create my own. So I spent months researching the soap making process and finally came up with a formula that not only got rid of the dry skin but healed it and alleviated my eczema symptoms. This was amazing. It was the first time in over 30 years I could feel my elbows and knees with out cracked dried out skin. The first time I didn't itch all over constantly. It was a God send. So I started sending it to family and friends... and here we are, selling soap.