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Private Labeling and Custom Orders

Your Brand Name and Our Soap will create an experience your customers can only get from you.

If you’d like to offer your customers a high quality artisan soap, and maybe even your own signature scent that they will come back for – we can help. We provide private label services of all of our products at a very reasonable rate. And if we don’t have a scent you are looking for… we can custom make that for you also.

Interested in starting a soap company, or expanding your brands current offerings but don’t want to learn how to make soap? Do you have a bed and breakfast, resort, campground, wedding, or other event you’d like a personalized soap label for? Then private labeling is for you. We even do private labeling for several realtors as house warming gifts after they make a sale. How ingenious is that!

Private labeling with us can include both CUSTOM soap and our STOCK soap. As long as it has your brand on it, its considered “private label”.

SET-UP COST: There is a one-time set-up fee of $100 per line for preparing the labels. We base our set up charges on size/layout. Each of the following categories would have their own one-time set-up fee.

  • Oatmeal Honey Line

  • Manly Soap Line

  • Shampoo and Beard Bar lines

  • Hand soap Lines

  • Hotel / Air B&B Lines

  • Lotion Lines

  • Bath Salt lines

(For example, anything in the Oatmeal Honey line would cost $100. If you just wanted to private label the All Natural Oatmeal Honey Soap it would cost $100. If you wanted to do that, the Cherry Almond and Lavender Oatmeal Honey that would still only be $100 set up. Also if you would like to expand your line to include Black Raspberry Oatmeal Honey in the future, there would not be any set up fee because you had already paid for that line. Please understand if you wanted to do a oatmeal honey bar and a big ol' manly bar that would be a one-time $200 set-up fee because it is two different sizes and layouts.)

PRINTING AND WRAPPING: As to printing/cutting the labels and wrapping the soap. If it is something we can do in house and we already have your label on file, you will not be charged for preparing any repeat orders.

CUSTOM SCENTS: We do offer custom scents for private labeling and also offer exclusivity for those custom scents. There is a higher minimum orders for this, due to the greater investment of time and money on our part. (Case size is 20 bars.)

  • 5 case minimum order per scent is required if it is non-exclusive.

  • 20 case minimum order per scent is required for exclusivity.

DESIGNING: For those who have branding in place, have a current brand designer, or if you feel comfortable designing your own label.  We will send you a basic template for a soap-label, so you will know where to place different design elements. For those who only have a logo or company name we can handle it for you. Either way you will be sent proofs to approve before your custom order is run and delivered.



Depending on the size of the order discounts may be available. Contact us at