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These are some of the before and after pictures and comments we get every week. We really didn't expect this, we just wanted to make a really good soap that not only cleaned but helped the body out in a natural way. Please understand we are not making any medical claims... but as the saying goes...

A picture is like a thousands words.


I'm a truck driver by trade and my forearms used to drive me nuts. 'Use too'. My wife came across Sugar Mountain soap and said what the heck. All the ointments and over the counter medicine did nothing for me. God only knows how much money we spent over the years trying to treat this only to find out all I needed was a $6 Big Ol' Manly Bar. I would recommend any of there Oatmeal Honey soaps to anyone! Oh and I smell SO GOOD! My favorite is Sandalwood.


David Artise, TN





I’m not exaggerating when I say you all have changed my husbands life.



F. Gonzalez,   KY.




As you remember the before pic WAS me using my meds and I was happy with what those meds did for me. Because before the meds, I did not want to leave the house. Then I ran into you two at the Chicken Festival in London and Scott chased me down out of the crowd handed me a bar or your oatmeal honey soap and said, “This should help your skin problems.” I laughed and told him this was with meds and he just replied, “What do you have to loose. Worst case scenario you got a free bar of soap and you’ll smell good.” I started seeing changes in the first week and haven’t stopped using it. Thank you for chasing me down that day, it was a blessing from above.
S. Kendrick,   KY.














I have been struggling my whole life and had given up. Then I met 'a crazy soap guy' at Court Days this year and he gave me a bar of soap and said, "It's free what the heck do you have to loose." Thank you so much! I am now a life long customer.

G. Thomas,  KY.