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Vendor Opportunies

Our Vendor Page...

We pride ourselves in trying to be as simple and transparent as we can with our vendors. Below you will find our guidelines to being a vendor.

Minimum Purchase - Below is the requirement to be categorized as a vendor along with the associated percentage off. The way we handle our vendor discounts is rather simple. Your discount is based upon your largest order with us. Example; The Acme Soap Sudds Co. had an initial order of $150. Thus they were at 30% off. The their manager, R. Runner, figured that this was selling like hotcakes and decided to up his next order to $500. Now he is at the 40% off level for that and any future purchases his company makes no mater the size.

30% - $100 Order

35% - $250 Order

40% - $500 Order

50% - $5000 Order

Terms Of Payment - Due on Delivery is the typical payment plan desired when we deliver the product to the store in person. If vendor wishes to mail a check it will be Due within 7 days. If product is shipped then the vendor is required to pay the balance in full within 15 days of receipt of delivery.

Down Payment - Any order over $1000 requires a down payment of 50% unless otherwise authorized by one of the owners.

Past Due - A past Due Charge of 5% or $20 (which ever is greater) will be charged for any bill that is outstanding after the agreed upon payment term.

Private Labeling - Yes we offer this. CLICK HERE to read more

Product Return or Exchange - If a product is not selling then you can send it back and we will give you a in house credit towards your next purchase. (Depending upon the size of the return a restocking fee of 15% may be applied.)  We also offer to bring a different product of equal value and swap it out during your next delivery. For example; if Lavender does not sell in your area well but Cherry Almond does, then we will be more than happy to swap out the Lavender products with the cherry products on a one on one basis. We want products on your shelves that move and make you money. It is as simple as that. You will need to contact us and set up the exchange before hand since or delivery drivers don't carry extra product with them.

Pricing - We have a suggested retail price, but you can price the products what ever you want. You know your customers better than we do.

Geo-Tracking - If we notice an uptick in specific product sales in your area, we will contact you and give you the option to start carrying that product. If you do, then we will contact those customers and tell them that you are carrying it now and they should go to you and save on shipping. We are all about driving sales to you as much as we can.