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Hunters Bar
Hunters Bar

Hunters Bar

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I mean really...

Who wants to wait all year, go out, set up that perfect spot, lay in wait only to get winded? Who the heck wants that? Well other than that one guy we all know who is a drama queen in disguise, that just needs 'that' one dramatic thing to cry about all hunting season. Look, our Big Ol' Hunters Bar line is an all natural lye soap... no added scent... no added nothing. Its just Lye (that we Make), Lard and Water.

This soap is created in our proprietary 'Double Batch' method. Because of this, the soap is not as harsh as regular lye soap and helps dry the skin and remove oils. This is how one conquers their scent, removing the oils they naturally make. I can keep going on and on about how this soap is great for your skin and all the other benefits of using it. But the fact remains is your a hunter and not the prey. So bathe like a hunter and don't get winded.

Completely unscented.


     For optimum results please do not allow your handmade soap sit in liquid. Place your bar in an area that will allow water to drain away and air to circulate.

This listing is for ONE soap bar, weighing approximately 5.5oz.

Please allow 1 - 3 BUSINESS DAYS for your order to ship.


Purified Spring Water, Natural Lye, Lard



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