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Big Ol' Manly Bars
Big Ol' Manly Bars
Big Ol' Manly Bars
Big Ol' Manly Bars

Big Ol' Manly Bars

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Big Ol' Manly Bar of Soap

     Look we can go through all the stuff about how great this soap is for your skin. How it makes it soft and smooth and all that mumbo-jumbo. But the simple fact is... it works! And it works great. I have used this not only in my shower but in my garage and will never go back. It cuts trough grease it like a warm knife through butter and my hands aren't all dried out by the harsh chemicals of the past soaps I used and I don't smell all "orangey" or like I just finished skipping through a field of flowers after I use it. I just smell clean.

     This is a manly soap, for manly dirt and grime that you picked up doing your manly jobs. This soap is not for snowflakes!!! We currently have 3 types of Big Ol' Manly Bars:

- The Sandalwood makes for a rustic earthy manly smell and is a brown color.

- The Dark Strawberry is a deeply forbidding strawberry scent  that is a dark reddish brown color.

- The Forest Oak is best described as a sharp deep 'oak-ish pine' scent after a cool spring rain and is green in color.

Date Night is best described as a expensive night on the town. A Bourbon/Tobacco scent with a hint of Vanilla, Oak and Sandalwood is not only appealing to guys but the ladies as well. The soap is brown in color.

Fearless is an is a strong bright peppery sandalwood that captures a freshness in its scent and longevity.


This listing is for ONE soap bar, weighing approximately 6.5 oz.

Please allow 1 - 3 BUSINESS DAYS for your order to ship.

 Ingredients:   Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Colloidal Oatmeal, Oats and more Oats, Honey, Scent and Essential Oils, Coloring.


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