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CBD Combo Pack
CBD Combo Pack

CBD Combo Pack

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1250mg or 5000mg Lotion with a 1000mg Oatmeal Honey CBD Combo Pack!

We represent the absolute best Hemp-derived CBD Lotions and Soaps that the great state of Kentucky has to offer. We are bringing the best therapeutic levels of relief to our customers at a very reasonable price. Each bottle contains either 1250 mg of CBD or 5000 mg, providing a healthy dose with each use. Each bar of our infused Oatmeal Honey soap has 1000mg of CBD in it. These two products work hand in hand. Take a shower using the CBD infused soap then Pat yourself dry with your towel leaving your skin moist. Then use a couple squirts of lotion to lock in the moisture. You will be amazed at the effects!


Let's talk about WHY you are reading this. Chances are you have some pain or discomfort and are looking for some kind of alternative to pain killers. OK... what is the level you need?

- If it's just some stiffness and general everyday issue, stick with the 1250mg.

- Now if it is something that is a OMG MY FREAKING HANDS HURT... or a What's going on with my shoulders, neck or hip... Then you need to try the 5000mg for 'spot treatments'.

The effects it is having on peoples aches and pains is amazing. The relief it is having on our arthritic patrons is astounding. This like everything else we do serve a real purpose and is not some half-baked fly by night thing. We pride ourselves in what we do and why we do it.

Want to know more about CBD CLICK HERE.

     Available Scents.

 - All Natural - there is no added scent or coloring to this one. All you smell is a light scent from the Oatmeal Honey and Shay.

 - Jasmine Apricot - A sweet floral scent with a fuzzy fruity note, tamed with a dash of vanilla. This soap will evoke memories and emotions.

- Midnight Bourbon - This scent is really close to our Big Ol' Manly Bar, Date Night and is best described as a expensive night on the town. A Bourbon/Tobacco scent with a hint of Vanilla, Oak, Sandalwood and a touch of cherry grounded in the earthy CBD scent. This is not only appealing to guys but the ladies as well.

 - Cherry Almond - A scent of cherries and almond. Most people describe it like a cherry 'slushie'.

 - Patchouli - A heavy, strong, woody earthy scent.

Lavender - A tried and true classic scent of lavender that is sure to calm you down after a hard day of work. Great for helping young children to settle down for bed.


Bottle size is 10oz.  Bar size 5.5oz

Please allow 1 - 3 BUSINESS DAYS for your order to ship.


Climax Ky Spring Water, Natural Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Natural Cetearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. Vitamin C and E, Citric acid, CBD Isolate, Fragrance. (No Fragrance added to All Natural Fragrance Free.)


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