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Fisherman's Delight

Fisherman's Delight

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Now look! Just because you, like every other sane person out there, thinks that spending all day on a boat surrounded by fish is heaven on earth. Doesn’t mean you have to smell like one! At the end of the perfect day, use this soap to wash the funk away.

Loaded with Charcoal, Rose Clay and Coffee (Yes I said coffee) this all natural lye soap made in our proprietary double batch method, will remove the grime from your hands. Strongly scented with lemongrass this soap will overpower and remove even the toughest fishy smell. AND...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

After a few minutes the lemongrass scent will be gone. Seriously, after a few minutes your going the smell you hands and say, "What the heck! My hands smell like... my hands!" We do this in what we like to call Our Lifting Method. We have been using this method for some time now with our lotions. After a few moments your hands are dry and don't have a greasy or wet feel to them. Cause how wants to run around with greasy hands??? No one. Well who wants to smell like they climbed a lemon tree and hit every lemon on the way down? I don't. Also if you place this soap in a soap case and toss it in your tackle box... it will last you for months!!!

So get a bar today and wash that fishy funk away!





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